All-electric propulsion and minimal infrastructure dependency


Utilizable on both land and water with short take off and landing (STOL) capabilities


Reconfigurable for either passenger, cargo or medical transport


Certifiable under EASA-CS23 and US-FAA legislation


In-line, low center of gravity yields improved maneuverability and stability


Innovative design and composite with ducted fan design provides enhanced performance and 3.6 hours endurance


Some two decades ago, the need for Cormorant was envisioned based on market demand and on addressing deficits inherent in amphibious aircraft designs. Iterative improvements made whilst listening to potential operators’ requirements evolved the concept organically to the point where, with the emergence of the energy transition making sustainable aviation a potentially realistic goal,  it was time to commence initial development.

Adaptability is central to Cormorant’s design. It easily transitions between water and land. Whether transporting passengers, carrying cargo, or facilitating urgent medical evacuations, Cormorant is ready to meet the demands of diverse applications. We have prioritized flexibility to meet the widest variety of operators’ individual needs, such that they may tailor their aircraft accordingly. Cormorant’s architecture enables alternative sustainable powertrain solutions to be incorporated within its airframe once they mature to certification and have their energy vector (i.e., fuel) supply and distribution infrastructure in place.

We believe in producing realistic deliverables over hyperbole. Our approach is based on sound research, development, and certification feasibility. This strategy should enable Cormorant to reach the market by 2028, ensuring a product that is not only groundbreaking but also provides a valuable, minimal-infrastructure addition to expand the capability and capacity of sustainable air transportation.


Chris Rijff

Head of Design

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Mark Sowery

Head of Corporate Development

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Fred Bouter

Cormorant Advisory Group

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Cormorant is working with class-leading aviation partners to realize its design for a zero-emission, seven-seat, electric amphibious aircraft; we also participate within collaborative consortia, such as the Sustainable Aviation Test Environment (SATE 2) program based on the Scottish Orkney islands.

Cormorant is also actively working in partnership to explore the use of lightweight sustainable materials, such as wood, whilst conducting reverse engineering on our wooden proto-plane so as to perform land, water and aerodynamic tests.

Engaging with these proven technology partners brings us closer to a commercial solution for sustainable aviation in the shortest realistic timeframe.

Cormorant is proudly working with:


Photos below show construction of a 1:1 prototype in our workshop in Hilversum, the Netherlands.


We welcome visitors by prior appointment to show them around and talk all things Cormorant.

Please use the contact form below to set up a mutually convenient time, then come see us at the E-Deck hangar; we look forward to meeting you.

///deepen.frosts.timbered or ///haarlijn.maatjes.landschap – these what3words addresses refer to a 3 metre square at our hangar location. Tap the link or enter the 3 words into the free what3words app to find it.

Our location is at the E-Deck hangar, Teuge Airfield situated 8.3 km west of Deventer and 6.5 km northeast of Apeldoorn.

Address for satnav – De Zanden 167, 7395 PG Teuge

Be part of Cormorant.

Electric Aviation. For Everyone. Everywhere.


We have both the drive and commitment to make Cormorant a reality. Our investors provide the funding to catalyze the process and realize the vision. They empower us to make accessible e-aviation available. For everyone. Everywhere.

Angel and high net worth investors enable our progress.

We are currently seeking funding to bring our ground prototype phase to a satisfactory conclusion. This investment round starts with investments from € 10,000 in multiples of € 10,000, providing that you are either:

  • An EU, Swiss, or Norwegian citizen; or,
  • A US accredited investor.

If you want to consider being part of Cormorant’s investment community and wish to enquire about journeying with us on our mission, please provide your contact details in the form below and we will get back to you.

We aim to close this investment round in the near future.

Investor enquiries

Interested parties, please contact us via email at:


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