Fully electric aircraft under development to EASA CS-23 / FAA part 23 certification.

Designed with lower environmental impact and remoter communities in mind.

Fully electric: zero CO2 emissions at point of use
Solar panels enhance range and reduce reliance on charging infrastructure
*when using batteries as energy storage medium
7 seater: reconfigurable for passengers, cargo, medevac, and/or utility
Operates from land or, with easily attachable boat-hull, from both water & land.
STOL characteristics, limited aerobatics, unpaved runway capability
Low, in-line center of gravity provides for safer handling. Enclosed fan minimizes blade-strike incidents.


Produce a practical, multiple-role STOL electric aircraft maximizing its relevance and appeal across market segments

Deliver our mission with sustainability as its core driver

Embed our SEA design values so as to remain flexible and entrench Safety, Efficiency and Adaptability both within the design process and resultant aircraft

Do not ‘reinvent the wheel’, but improve on historic design deficits, incrementally where feasible

Use proven, certified systems and solutions wherever sensible and practicable

Avoid unnecessary complication, leave the design of ‘exotic’, revolutionary, new aerial transport platforms to those with deep pockets and stakeholders to keep convinced of their vision

Minimize reliance on ‘known unknowns’, i.e. except where necessary, do not incorporate concepts that are either under development or require standards to be developed for them – or both

Reduce risk through deferring strategic decisions to allow any ‘known unknowns’ to mature, ideally into ‘known knowns’, without impeding progress

Indicative technical data

Overall length10,45 m
Wingspan14,29 m
Height3,70 m
Fan diameter1,20 m

Maximum speed 220 kias
Maximum operating speed 216 kias VMO
Cruise speed @ 1000ft 188 kias
Stall speed 66 kias VS
Take-off speed at rotation 77 kias VR
En-route climb speed 125 kias
Approach speed 74 kias VAPP

Take-off distance to 50ft415 m
(Ground roll)(300 m)
Landing distance from 50 ft564 m
Rate of climb (average)2175 fpm
Maximum / certified range810 / 486 nm
Endurance3,75 hrs

Manufacturer’s weight empty1375 kgMWE
Maximum take-off weight2250 kgMTOW
Maximum payload875 kg 
Fuel capacity1 m3 liquid H2 

Maximum take-off thrust at 2770 rpm 520 kW (697 shp)
Maximum continuous thrust 258 kW (346 shp)
Economy cruising thrust 180 kW (241 shp)
Fan 2770 rpm

All indicative technical data are provisional and subject to change.

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