The merits of strategic decision deferral

At Cormorant, we do not see ourselves as being leaders in the development of management thought. However, being vested in e-aviation we briefly write here regarding strategic decision deferral, which we summarize as:
A management philosophy, particularly relevant in times of dynamic technological and / or regulatory development, which seeks to consciously defer making key choices until the latest point practicable without affecting a project’s critical path, such that knowledge development and /or the evolution of the regulatory environment may proceed to the most advanced extent possible so that the likelihood of a correct decision is made.

The e-aircraft development process: more haste, less speed

Cormorant CORMORANT The mission statement of the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is “Our continuing mission is to provide the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world.”[1] Whilst the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) states similarly that its mission “is to promote and achieve the highest common standards of safety and environmental protection […]